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Oracle delivers real-time analytics for ISVs with Database In-Memory

Oracle launches new partner program to coincide with Database In-Memory release Oracle has launched Database In-Memory which enables independent software vendors to deliver real-time analytics and increased transactional performance. The introduction of Oracle Database In-Memory gives ISVs the ability to accelerate their applications to deliver faster insights, analysis and reporting, while producing speedier online transaction

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MIT Prototypes Zippy Flash-FPGA Hybrid Storage Array

Original Source Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working with funding from server maker Quanta and flash chip maker Samsung, are combining flash storage and field programmable gate arrays in a new way that is yielding a peppy and scalable storage cluster that rivals that bandwidth and low latency of very high-end storage area

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SPARC T5-2 Server Shatters Another World Record and Gets Single-Processor Configuration

Original Source Since their introduction last year, Oracle’s T5 servers have topped performance metrics across enterprise workloads. The SPARC T5 server has just shattered another world record (see the latest spec Enterprise2010 2-socket benchmark result). In that test, the SPARC T5-2 server showed: The best performance per socket for a single system in the application

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