Why FLASH is the future of enterprise storage

Enterprise storage is undergoing significant change as data centre managers struggle to balance the growth of complex silos with the demand for faster access to data. This is driving the next major shift in enterprise IT as your clients look to be more efficient and make better use of their resources.

Unfortunately, traditional storage methods have not been able to keep pace with the demands of modern business. To solve these challenges, a growing number of organisations from all industries are turning to flash-based storage. There are many reasons why you need to talk to your clients about the rise of flash but here are four key benefits:


Traditional data storage methods have been unable to keep up with the speed of application performance. Disk drives are the most likely cause of unacceptable lag times in data centres all over the world. Flash can solve that problem, offering a much-needed boost in performance while freeing up capacity in crammed data centres.


Flash can be applied selectively to the applications or workloads that are most important to your clients. Banks and retailers have used it to great effect in high-volume transactional environments, while telcos and utilities have dramatically improves the performance of complex billing applications. All-flash arrays are still prohibitively expensive but there are more affordable options that make a significant difference without the hefty price tag.


To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, your customers need to get new applications into market quickly and update them continuously. Flash lets developers work on multiple versions of an application at the same time without taking up additional storage capacity. This means they can fix bugs and push extra functionality live within hours instead of weeks.


In addition to rapidly growing data volumes, your clients also need to manage data protection. Flash eliminates the need for manual management of backups and allows for the easy application of data services like cloning, deduplication, encryption and snapshotting. This means data centre managers and board members can all sleep easier in their beds.


Flash will help your customers break down expensive and complex storage silos, improving productivity by reducing the resources needed to manage storage environments. Just as we saw with the shift to server virtualisation during the past decade, those who get on board early will see the biggest returns. Your clients need to make this journey so start the conversation now and enhance your reputation as a trusted advisor. If you don’t, it won’t be long before somebody else does.

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