Is it time for your clients to invest in Application Performance Management?

Streamlined application management offers significant value to clients struggling with complex IT environments. As well as ensuring the speed and reliability of mission critical applications, it dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with troubleshooting problems.

Resellers have a significant opportunity to help clients improve the performance of their applications, thereby improving the productivity and profitability of their business. Clients are constantly on the look out for ways to increase agility and enable innovation to meet ever changing customer expectations.

A clear sign that something’s wrong

If your client’s applications are regularly slowing down or are experiencing unacceptable down time for maintenance, then their need for a pro-active monitoring and management tool may be urgent. Slow performing applications can significantly impact the business.

If a customer facing application fails, customers will complain in droves via social media and through the contact centre. Handling these complaints will incur costs, but the real damage will be done to the client’s reputation and the lost revenue as customers turn to competitors providing a more reliable service.

Failure of internal facing applications will damage productivity as well as staff morale. Staff will become frustrated if they can’t do their job properly because the system is down or taking too long to respond.

Do they have a fragmented approach?

If the clients business is siloed into different portfolios of responsibility these problems will be compounded. A lack of visibility into the various applications and systems combined with a fragmented approach to IT management, will allow numerous problems to go unidentified and slip through the cracks.

The client’s IT department maybe juggling multiple screens and metrics. This lack of a single view of the network and application response times means finding the root cause of a problem can be nearly impossible.

Do they play the blame game?

When something goes wrong people have the tendency of pointing fingers and blaming others. This creates an unnecessary drain on resources and generates a negative environment for people to operate in, impacting productivity levels even further.

Give them the right tool

By offering your clients a proactive application management tool, you will be helping them to overcome a variety of challenges. Proactive monitoring with a single view of everything that is happening within the network, will greatly improve service reliability, reduce costs and raise productivity.

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