Why we love software compliance (and so should you)

Why we love software compliance (and so should you)

Enterprise software licensing is extremely complex. Software companies offer customers a range of product choices and flexible payment options to increase the chance of a sale and the cost of managing this can be extremely expensive. Adding to this, there’s a natural tension between suppliers and users. Vendors want to license as much of their technology to as many clients as possible, while customers are focused on extracting maximum value from their investment.

This complexity translates to additional costs for the users of software. Gartner estimates that most business overbuy by about 60% in some areas while not being adequately licensed in other areas. IDC suggests that in 2015 the complexity of managing complex software licensing will indirectly cost business 25% of their budgets.

Software compliance

As many of you reading this will be well aware this complexity and added cost burden underpinned by the conflicting interests of software vendors and customers is an opportunity for you, as a trusted advisor, to help your customers safely navigate this challenging landscape.

Mainstream SAM (Software Asset Management)

Many of the larger IT resell organisations in Australia and New Zealand offer software asset management (SAM) services to their enterprise customers. Typically they aim to help customers answer these types of questions:

  • What software am I licensed for?
  • What software do I have installed?
  • What is the gap between licensed and installed?
  • What impact does vertilization have on my licensing?
  • How do I uncover licensing compliancy issues?
  • How do I maintain compliancy and save money?


Oracle – The one that got away!

Larger software vendors actively and regularly conduct audits across their installed base. Many of these same vendors have formal SAM certification programs that provide the framework for both companies and individuals to provide services to help manage software licensing and compliance. To this extent this has become a very competitive market and therefor margins have become very thin as has the ability to differentiate.

Oracle is somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to understanding its licensing models and contracts. For this reason very few companies offer Oracle SAM services which means an opportunity for you.


SAM is a great way to add value to your customers but it’s a crowded and competitive market. The one vendor that remains elusive is Oracle given inherently large and complex customer base and no formal programs or documentation to help build capabilities. Enter the Oracle Licensing Optimization Centre or OLOC.

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