Let our Oracle licensing experts help you
get more from your
Oracle licensing agreements.

Discover how you can improve licensing revenue and margins, empower
your staff to qualify and identify an Oracle licensing opportunity, drive cross
sell opportunities all while positioning your organisation as a trusted advisor.

Why us?

in control.

Helping you manage the complexities of the Oracle Licensing Environment.

Delivered by Oracle Platinum Partner, Nextgen Distribution, and Navicle - the world's leading Oracle licensing specialist – the Oracle Licensing Optimisation Centre is a FREE value-add service that helps you deliver all your client Oracle software licensing needs.

The service broadly grouped into 3 streams: Sales Enablement, Compliance and Consultation. As well as helping you improve revenue and margins, our services allow your client businesses to be proactive, remaining compliant and audit ready.

Harness the power of
Australia's leading Oracle experts

Nextgen Distribution and Navicle have joined forces to provide this complementary, non-competitive
service aimed at driving long-term profitability and business security for Oracle Resellers.
Here’s why we are qualified to provide expert consultation on your Oracle Licensing Agreements:


Worlds leading specialists in Oracle licensing
  • Completed over 400 Oracle license reviews globally
  • More than 30 years Oracle licensing experience
  • Key partners include ex-Oracle Management and Business Consultants


Oracle's largest value added distribution partner in ANZ
  • Extensive pre-sales capability
  • Deep understanding of the Oracle business
  • A range of additional value-add services built around Oracle

What is it?

A full suite of
Licensing services.

When you sign up with the Oracle Licensing Optimisation Centre (OLOC), we'll work
together with you and your clients to better manage all Oracle licensing requirements.


Oracle Licensing Enablement Service.

We provide your staff with sales training plus license transaction services for partners that
typically do not sell Oracle licenses. Whether a referred 'co-sell' opportunity, or a simple 'resell'
transaction, OLOC delivers you a low risk, low investment method for licensing transactions.


Sales training


Licence transaction services 

Oracle Compliance Management Service.

OLOC provides partners with deep skills to assist with compliance/audit, both proactive in a 'Health Check' sense,
along with a more reactive 'Audit Defence' service. We help minimise the impact to your client resulting from an
unexpected audit requirement. If your client does require an 'Oracle License Audit', a service cost does apply.


Proactive 'Health Check'


Reactive 'Audit Defence' Service 

Oracle License Architecture Service.

OLOC provides a licensing and deal architecture service that ensures your end user customer gets the
best possible price and licensing structure within the contract. This service also introduces a proprietary
methodology to manage the contract negotiations, protecting margin and maximising profitability.


Managing contract negotiations


Protecting margins


Structuring the Optimal License Model


How can the OLOC
benefit you as a reseller?


What benefits can you
expect as a member of
the Oracle Licensing
Optimisation Centre?


Optimise the structure
of an Oracle License
transaction for your


Construct an
intelligent Oracle
license negotiating


Gain insight into your
clients Oracle Licensing
environment through a
blueprint of their existing
license structure.


Deepen your client
relationships by
introducing experts that
help save time and money.


Increase your value to
your customers through
managing their Oracle
License Compliance.

What you receive

Registered members receive
training, marketing campaigns, and independent guidance.



The Oracle Licensing Optimisation Centre provides you with sales training on how to qualify and position new opportunities for reselling Oracle Software Licenses. Our team of dedicated Oracle licensing specialists are available to attend and advise at customer meetings, addressing any related questions you or your client may have.

Lead generation


Enjoy access to our pre-developed, pre-packaged marketing offerings with targeted content, designed to help you generate opportunities to resell Oracle Software Licenses.

Specialised services


The Oracle Licensing Optimisation Centre is a knowledge platform built to help you add value to clients and resell Oracle Software as required. Our 'license review services' and transaction-based services are 100% independent from Oracle.


Three steps
to optimisation.

  • Fill in the required information on our site and one of our consultants will get in touch to schedule a time to come in for a meeting.
  • Get trained on qualifying and positioning new Oracle Software License reselling opportunities
  • Leverage our pre-existing marketing campaigns to drive new, qualified leads. You can either manage this yourself, or we can take care of it for you.

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optimise today.

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