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Empowering CSPs to Quickly and Cost Effectively Deliver Personalised Services

Nominum provides high-value network-based solutions and applications powered by its N2 Data Platform and IDEAL ecosystem. Nominum was founded in 1999 to develop BIND 9 and ISC DHCP3 for the Internet Software Consortium. While working on these projects, Nominum recognized that no commercial-grade DNS and DHCP solutions existed, and undertook to create them.

Authoritative DNS
An authoritative DNS name server with true multi mastering and advanced analytics for reporting and service enablement
Caching DNS
Lack of open networking systems hinders operations and constrains marketing initiatives.
DHCP Server
Flexible and efficient provisioning for the IPv6 transition and next-gen network architectures
Vantio Caching DNS

Vantio Caching DNS is an open, carrier-grade caching DNS engine that’s a foundational element of an integrated architecture for enabling differentiated services, reducing costs and increasing business agility.

Exponential DNS traffic growth and escalating security exposure significantly stress service provider infrastructure.

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