Licensing Optimisation & Governance

Our primary vehicle for delivering licensing optimisation and governance services is the NEXTGEN Oracle Licensing Optimization Centre (OLOC).

OLOC is a joint venture between NEXTGEN and Navicle, the world’s leading Oracle licensing specialist.

Enterprise software licensing is extremely complex. Software companies offer customers a range of licensing choices and flexible payment options to increase the chance of a sale and the cost of managing this can be extremely expensive. Adding to this, there’s a natural tension between suppliers and users. Vendors want to license as much of their technology to as many clients as possible, while customers are focused on extracting maximum value from their investment. This conflict of interests is an opportunity for resell organisations to position themselves as a trusted advisor and help end-user customers safely navigate this challenging landscape.

OLOC is a highly sophisticated and professional service offering that enables you to:

OLOC is a highly sophisticated and professional service offering that enables you to:
  • Proactively help your clients maintain their Oracle licensing compliance to remove financial, operational and legal risks.
  • Reduce inefficiency, duplication and redundancy by helping your clients align their licensing requirements with their actual business needs.
The OLOC service offering includes:
  • Channel enablement: coaching your key personnel on how to identify at-risk clients
  • Oracle licensing compliance
  • Proactive health check
  • Oracle licensing audit defence
  • Consultation: to design the most cost effective and compliant Oracle solutions to meet the exact needs of the end user
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