Oracle Infrasturcture Optimisation & Engineered Systems

Changes at the infrastructure layer are still continuing at a rapid pace. Focus from vendors is now on consolidation, optimisation and converged infrastructure to help businesses work through key IT challenges. NEXTGEN consults with partners to look at solution options and approaches to help identify the right balance to address these IT challenges, addressing technologies and commercials holistically. Our solution architects can work with you through cross vendor optimization to address specific workloads and applications or consolidation and convergence to address data centre sprawl.

If you have a customer that is addressing similar challenges, get in touch with our Infrastructure specialists to work through the problem and have a second set of eyes understand what you are trying to do. We can help provide guidance to make sure the outcome is both suited for your business objectives as well as the right result for your customer. We have a unique mix of core tier 1 vendors and cutting edge challenger technologies to provide solutions across any industry and application workload.

Service offerings:
  • Proof of concept
  • Solution architecture design
  • Server, storage and network consolidation
  • Virtualisation strategies
  • Cost / benefit analysis
  • DIY vs converged infrastructure specialists
  • Industry specific infrastructure optimisation
  • High availability consulting
  • Commercial analysis
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Holistic guidance on infrasturcture optimisation and engineered systems