Part of the NEXTGEN Group, NEXTGEN Connect offers a globally scalable ‘Order2Cash’ platform with unique IP automating the consumption and billing for Cloud Providers, Managed Services and ISV Solutions. It forms the core of NEXTGEN’s strategy to provide a comprehensive go-to-market solution for leading vendors and the communities that surround them.



NEXTGEN Connect was established to help partners tackle the burgeoning demand for sophisticated cloud solutions, with a goal of linking partners so they can deliver the solutions their customers require. With the support of NEXTGEN Connect, partners are growing their licensing footprint, cloud managed services, and platform operations. Increase speed to market and sales and simplifying the sales process. Part of the NEXTGEN Group, NEXTGEN Connect is accessible and can add value even if you are not a NEXTGEN distribution customer.


The services and solutions offered through NEXTGEN Connect begin with procurement and extend through enablement, go-to-market and support. 

Procurement services allow you to optimise Oracle licensing, simplifying procurement and accelerating delivery. Find the right Oracle licensing model for your strategy. 

Enablement services include expert coaching from Oracle, development sandbox services and marketplace management and promotion. Launch an app on Oracle IaaS, Private Hosting & PaaS with less hassle.

Go-to-Market support covers marketing services, sales-as-a-service and alliance management so more people can hear about all the work your doing and how it can help them with their businesses. 

Support covers license renewals, help desk, and development help. It’s 24/7, providing the reassurance that you’ll get the help you need when you need it.