NEXTGEN sees digital transformation as a key driver for business success, and this includes the transformation of how companies represent themselves in the digital space. 

As part of its strategy to help partners thrive in a channel environment where digital transformation is paramount, the NEXTGEN Group acquired Bang in 2017, an independent marketing and brand agency. Bang is NEXTGEN’s division for delivering a full range of marketing, brand and digital services to its partners and vendors.

Knowing your company has a strong value proposition is not enough today. You’ve got to make sure people see it, hear it, believe it, trust it, and remember it at the right time. Bang is a marketing and brand agency which has helped companies develop their brand identity and digital presence for over 15 years, making it easier to reach more of the right customers, close deals, and build loyalty. Over seventy per cent of Bang’s client base is in the technology space, meaning in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities channel partners and vendors often face, particularly around marketing development funds (MDF).

Bang’s team of communications strategists, UX and visual designers, web developers and account specialists can provide support throughout the entire inbound or outbound marketing journey to an optimised version of your brand, website, or lead generation capabilities. They use a number of automated and secure platforms to make it easier to manage multiple effective campaigns.

Suite of marketing services include:

  • Brand foundations
  • Marketing and digital strategy
  • Website design, build and host
  • UX
  • Digital audit
  • Content development, from blogs to eBooks and video
  • Copywriting and design
  • MDF program management, including funding applications and execution
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Marketing infrastructure and analytics

Why You Should
Consider Bang

Many customers have done the majority of their decision making before they speak to you. They expect to be able to learn about your offerings and value online, whenever is most convenient for them. They want to see a web presence that reflects a level of sophistication, messaging, clarity in communication that they can trust. Yet many IT companies are not putting their best foot forward when it comes to their digital presence and outreach. With the rise of Cloud and as-a-service solutions, channel partners must build loyalty among their customer base and provide a stronger perception of added value in order to keep business from getting switched off at a moment’s notice. Bang’s people, systems and processes allow you not only to increase your reach and revenue, but to learn and optimise based on the results of your efforts.

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