ExtraHop accelerates it's penetration into the Australian market with NEXTGEN

NEXTGEN has invested in building its cybersecurity business over the past two years and is currently working with multiple vendors across key, critical security areas. ExtraHop fills a unique gap in the company’s support for customers requiring an NDR solution.

Key to creating rapid momentum for ExtraHop will be access to NEXTGEN's strong and growing cyber security practice which includes the sales team, dedicated senior vendor manager, business unit manager and an engineering team that supports partners to manage opportunities and deal registrations. 

At the same time, ExtraHop will support the NEXTGEN ecosystem through its Panorama Partner Program, with training and accreditation enabling Partners to provide first line support, training, demonstration, and pre-sales capabilities to help build competitive differentiation.

Interested in finding out more about ExtraHop and how to partner? Get in contact with Gabe: gabe.marzano@nextgendistribution.com.au

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