Leverage data driven sales intelligence to identify and target customers, influence them on the buying journey
and deliver sales execution. Resulting in increased pipeline and revenue.



The technology market is changing at breathtaking speed with new models of delivery and consumption, boundless scale and global reach. It can be difficult to keep up in this data driven world and the Channel needs a modernised approach to sales and marketing to reach the modern customer.

oSpace has been developed by NEXTGEN as an end-to-end, data-driven ABM solution that has the unique benefit of also leveraging the full array of NEXTGEN Group services - from opportunity identification, qualification, pipeline management, deal registration, partner enablement, proof of concepts and pre-sales administration.

Driving increased utilisation and ROI from MDF in a measurable, manageable and compliant way, oSpace provides meaningful support for partners to differentiate and more successfully engage to achieve significant revenue and pipeline improvement.


oSpace enables vendors and partners to more cost-effectively execute ABM strategies for targeting enterprise and mid-market organizations by augmenting their marketing and sales activities with data insights, campaign (outreach?) coordination and MDF management.


oSpace aggregates multiple data types and sources to pinpoint the most promising prospects - your "best fit" organisations and individuals - for sales and marketing teams to engage with. The platform defines your "best fit" audience at any given moment in time by triangulating;

Audience data: Who are your "best fit" target organizations and key personas? Multiple customer personas can be developed for contact discovery to enrich firmographic data with individual contact details.

Intent Data: Are these “best fit” organization actively researching products & solutions like yours? Intent data reveals buying signals from the portion - approximately 15% - of your total addressable market who may be in-market for your offering now.  

Engagement Data: Are any of these “best fit” organisations visiting your digital properties? Discreetly monitor the digital traffic running through your online assets to see who's engaging and what content they are interested in.


Helping you identify the right people in the right accounts is just the beginning. The true value of the data is only realised when it is put to use to help them get to know you.

oSpace data can be deployed to help your incumbent agencies execute to strategy or we can manage the creative, media and engagement supply chain on your behalf from end to end.

oSpace is able to support every stage of your buyers journey - from lead acquisition and nurture to pipeline maturation, deal registration and closure.

Educate & Influence: Apply the right tactics at the right time to increase your influence and improve customer conversion. At any point in time most of your total addressable market will not be ready to engage. oSpace provides the insight and support you need to gain better traction over time.

Sales Augmentation: Improve your sales results and revenues without draining your budgets or diluting your focus. oSpace provides scalable alternatives for lead generation, sales finalisation and market representation services that reduce your risk by linking investment to performance.


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CHALLENGE: Leading cloud identity SaaS vendor Okta was looking for regional support to drive end user demand to support the growth of its channel business.

SOLUTION: Leveraging intent, audience and engagement data, oSpace identified in-market prospects for Okta's identity solutions. oSpace then provided targeted sales augmentation to qualify opportunities and set appointments on behalf of key Okta partners.

OUTCOME: Raised brand awareness with 297 net new companies reached, producing 24 MQL leads, 8 booked meetings and 149% of the pipeline target overachieved. 


CHALLENGE: Veracode, an application security company required assistance in Australia and New Zealand to revitalise their channel sales pipeline.

SOLUTION: Using existing Veracode content assets, oSpace delivered a highly targeted digital campaign via paid media on LinkedIn and Facebook, informed by intent data and website visitor insights to better engage organisations as their research behaviour intensified.

OUTCOME: By enabling Veracode to target the right audience at the right time with the right message, oSpace generated 170 asset downloads that have so far produced USD$600,000 in revenue from pipeline sales, achieving a 20:1 ROI.

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oSpace provides visitor engagement tags and reporting FREE OF CHARGE for selected customers. Connect with us to find out if we can help you.

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