Delivering Distribution Reinvented means going beyond the traditional role of a distributor to make sure partners and vendors have access to an innovative slate of services that provide the tools and support they need to sustainably grow a channel business. With decades of experience in technology and professional services, our team has personally seen and heard how partners were asking for more than traditional distributors could bring to the table.

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The NEXTGEN group is investing heavily in ensuring we’re on the leading edge of service delivery that help resellers to grow revenue and take advantage of new opportunities:

You don’t have to be a NEXTGEN distribution reseller to tap into any of these services. Each is available independently, regardless of where you source your software. Tie them together and you can tap into the synergistic power of the NEXTGEN distribution reinvented model. Access them separately according to your particular needs and goals.

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We’re helping the channel generate more qualified leads, helping our partners add value and close deals in a way that is most advantageous to the business and their customers.

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