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We’ve responded to an evolving ANZ IT ecosystem with an advanced enterprise software strategy, best-in-breed infrastructure, and select services ranging from marketing to payment solutions tailored to the needs of the channel. Learn more about the NEXTGEN difference.

Where we are

At NEXTGEN, we’re reinventing the meaning of enterprise distribution through innovation. This outside-the-box thinking is part of why we we’re a Finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017; were awarded ARN’s top Software Distributor 2017, and Oracle’s Global Value-Added-Distributor Award for Cloud in 2017. 

With years of experience in this industry, we could see that traditional distribution wasn’t meeting the challenges of today’s business environment. Until now, traditional distributors only brought value in the closing stages of the opportunity lifecycle, helping the reseller get the goods to the customer, which meant largely stock, logistics and credit support. The relationship between vendors, distributors, resellers, and end users was completely one way and linear.

The needs of end customers have changed rapidly and continuously. The growing dominance and convenience of software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service technology, the rising demand for digital transformation in all areas of business, consolidation and variation in types of partners.

All of these factors have contributed to the evolution of the modern “meshed" channel model, which needs an agile, flexible and focused distributor that has innovative services to support win and grow business. 

At NEXTGEN, we don’t call our resellers “resellers”. We call them “partners” because they do much, much more than resell. In fact, a number don’t do any resale and so we have developed a real partnering approach to our channel partners. The technology channel is asking for a more modern distributor capable of propelling and nurturing business throughout the opportunity lifecycle. This includes service capability around digital marketing and transformation; migration to the cloud consultancy; implementation enablement; and financial solutions built for the consumption economy.


We’re an enterprise technology distributor that is passionate about adding value to every step of the distribution lifecycle. We think differently about distribution and if there’s a better way to do business we’ll lead the change for our vendors, channel partners and their customers.

Traditional distribution gets involved when all the selling has been done but at NEXTGEN we don’t wait for the orders to come to us. We’re proactively out in the marketplace seeking out and facilitating opportunities that bring vendors and partners together. We’re the connection between the vendors and the channel and we’ll help where we can to move an opportunity through the lifecycle to make it a bigger, better and more robust solution. 

To complement our front-end services, our back-end modus operandi has been developed so the deal gets done whether it’s on the first day of the quarter or midnight of the last. Your targets are as important to us as they are to you. You can focus on winning the business and we’ll take care of the transaction, including the necessary paperwork, credit, and booking. We’re the point of continuity and the reliable source of information when there are relationship gaps or time pressure within the channel. We make it our business to be available to our partners and vendors when there’s questions to be answered or information to be supplied.

Our vendors and partners consider us their safe pair of hands. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and we’re always looking for ways to add value, in our conversations, events and operations. Our goal is to leave our partners and vendors with something more than when we started the conversation. 

And there’s one core value that works alongside our operational excellence – a commitment to relationships. We work hard at our relationships with the channel and vendors as well as our own employees. Building a great culture with more intimate relationships underpins how we conduct ourselves within the market, how we select and support our people. Our recruitment mantra is to hire for attitude; teach for skills. We never take relationships for granted. They are continually nurtured and strengthened through our many programs, functions, events and fun parties. Integrity is the foundation building block of all our business and personal relationships. 

We’ve been acknowledged on a global level and won multiple awards for our outside-the-box approach to a distribution industry that tends to get stuck in the status quo. It’s proof that we are “Distribution Reinvented”.

Our brand

For our Vendors:

We develop strategic partner relationships:

  • A more agile sales channel to better support rapidly changing product suites and migration to the cloud. NEXTGEN’s switched-on team have the vendor and sales experience to quickly adapt to vendor changes and act as an extension of a vendor’s sales team.
  • A more comprehensive introduction to the market for new vendors, giving you the best chance to gain an initial foothold.
  • A more specialised distribution channel, with a stable of niche, strategic vendors that fit into a broader technology strategy. More focus, attention and expertise on your solutions.
  • Develop innovative business models that provide unique and modern services
  • Relationships and integrity

For our Partners:

We make the complex simple:

  • Provide a portfolio of modern technology vendors that are driving the hybrid market
  • By making the transition from on-premise to Cloud that customers are demanding easier. By making this transition, resellers are not only satisfying shifts in customer requirements, they are also developing the opportunity to create a recurring revenue model in their business and to add consulting services into their portfolio.
  • By offering innovative business services and programs designed to drive your business’ revenue and profitability
  • By enabling simplified engagement with large and complex vendors
  • Relationships and integrity


It requires vision and courage to reinvent distribution. NEXTGEN’s pioneering spirit is underlined by our ability to advise and guide clients with products, services, solutions and carefully crafted services. These offerings are designed to answer the unmet needs of the channel and are clearly focused on helping your business find the right way to achieve your business goals.

Ultimately, it comes down to trust. And that is built through the expertise and availability of our team and the reliability of our service. More knowledgeable and connected, more available and responsive – Nextgen is a business partner you can rely on to make smarter decisions.

The Community

At NEXTGEN, we believe that leadership in business means leading by example in the community too. That’s why we’re doing our small part to help those in need by making a commitment to support RedKite, a leading national cancer charity. 

Help us make a difference and get involved by adding your support for the essential services these great organisations provide for the community.

Redkite, Australian cancer charity

All of NEXTGEN’s employees have the opportunity to contribute to this important cause by providing monthly pre-tax contributions to RedKite through our workplace giving program, and by getting involved in fun, team-based activities that support RedKite fundraising programs.

Providing essential support to children and young people with cancer, and their families, has been Redkite's focus for over 30 years. Redkite is there throughout the whole cancer journey, from the moment of diagnosis until after treatment finishes. 

The challenges of childhood cancer also affect parents and carers, brothers and sisters, partners and friends. There are many ways you can help families impacted by their child’s cancer like fundraising or volunteering. We urge you to get involved: https://www.redkite.org.au/

The Foundation, Supporting the regiment

For over 25 years, the Royal Australian Regiment Foundation (the Foundation) has provided direct welfare support and financial grants to units and members of the Royal Australian Regiment (the Regiment).

While continuing to provide vital financial support to alleviate hardship, over time this role has expanded to include the provision of support for the professional development and welfare of the Regiment and its serving members as well. 

Help The Foundation support the men and women who serve us all with such distinction: https://rarfoundation.org.au/


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