Orbus is the NEXTGEN Group’s vehicle for delivering tailored IT finance and payments solutions to the ANZ channel, designed to provide a superior alternative to the limited options available from vendors or traditional lenders. It forms a key component of NEXTGEN’s strategy to add value for partners at all stages of the opportunity lifecycle, making it easier for partners to do business and generate sustainable revenue and customer loyalty.


Forward-looking customers are seeking digital transformation solutions and with them, flexible payment solutions to ease the financial burden of future-proofing their business with today’s leading enterprise software. To date, vendors have not come forward to help. They need cash upfront for their solutions, leaving resellers carrying all the risk if they want to accommodate their customer’s need for subscription payment plans and begin to build an annuity-based business. What we have is a needs gap: Orbus fills that gap.

Solutions / Products

Orbus can help you provide 100% financing on hardware, software, licensing and cloud services without putting your business at risk. 

Innovative and flexible payment solutions designed to finance the IT channel, enabling the subscription and cloud economy. 

Customers can scale, upgrade or downgrade their IT services as needed within one agreement.

Why you should
Consider Orbus

These are solutions designed by people who understand the IT industry, for resellers in the industry and their customers. 

Orbus’ solutions reduce the risk for your business, even as you accommodate your customers. You get immediate revenue paid upfront and can establish yourself as a trusted partner to your customer rather than focusing on chasing payments.

Your customers will be satisfied by the convenience and enablement and find it more easy to buy into your solutions, giving you a competitive edge. 

Plus, it’s easy. Just one simple contract no matter what it is your customer wants to buy. With a flexible operating lease, your customers can manage all their IT services in one ‘pay as you go’ contract. This provides more flexibility as they upgrade, cancel or outsource IT services in line with their business needs, in contrast to traditional leasing contracts.