SkillSwap is another value-add offering from NEXTGEN and part of our commitment to a Distribution Reinvented philosophy. A skillsharing marketplace exclusive to NEXTGEN partners, SkillSwap helps meet the resourcing and project fulfillment challenges that arise from fluctuating workflow cycles. It’s been designed to help NEXTGEN partners stay flexible and profitable, while retaining valuable employees.

About SkillSwap

SkillSwap is an online sharing economy platform for that allows businesses to loan out staff to other businesses on a non-permanent basis, and to hire specialist, temporary staff as needed, rather than engaging with the full-time recruitment process.

A closed network exclusive to NEXTGEN partners, SkillSwap lets companies with underutilised staff sustain revenue by contracting out these skills to another partner company without anyone changing employers. It also allows companies in need of new project resources to contract reliable, skilled, and talented people only for the period of time they’re needed.


  • Manage the fluctuation of workflow and staffing requirements
  • Scale with ease knowing you can outsource a range of specialised skill sets
  • Grow your business while staying flexible and nimble
  • Sustain revenue during quieter periods when workflow is low
  • Increase staff retention & motivation by providing new contract opportunities (your
  • employee stays your employee)
  • Reduce recruitment fees and minimise time and cost from on-boarding full-time staff

Why You Should
Consider SkillSwap

SkillSwap is a safe, secure and innovative platform - backed by NEXTGEN for our partner network as a closed community of specialist IT talent you will not find anywhere else.

By its nature, our IT industry in ANZ has fluctuating peaks of project workflow. SkillSwap is a win-win for NEXTGEN partners as it helps reduce the costs and inefficiencies that accompany these cycles, while driving mutual success and celebrating the industry talent which exists within our own network.

With SkillSwap, you can avoid making quality staff redundant, while earning income from people who are otherwise “on the bench” during slower periods. Grow your business with confidence and access an ecosystem of talent from a qualified specialist community of trusted ANZ technology partners.