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Automation Anywhere is the world’s most widely deployed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. RPA is a Digital Workforce of software robots that enables businesses with the tools to create their own software robots to automate business processes.

Automation Anywhere aims to empower people whose ideas, thought and focus make the companies they work for great. By delivering the world’s most sophisticated Digital Workforce Platform, they are making work more human by automating business processes and liberating people from “mundane” tasks.

With 20 global locations, over 1,400 employees and 15 years of market leading automation,  the Automation Anywhere team has worked with companies of all sizes to automate their business processes, discovering new automation ideas, and maximise ROI. 

Committed to constant R&D activities, Automation Anywhere calls themselves authors of the RPA future, with a mission to enable companies to operate with unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency.

Automation Anywhere aims to make Robotic Process Automation simple and powerful. RPA enables users with tools to create their own software robots to automate any business process. Personalised "bots" are configurable and controlled using software that is simply set up to perform the tasks they are assigned. Automation Anywhere Enterprise combines consumer-like usability with enterprise-class reliability, and security for RPA that empowers workforces to automate on their own, in real time. 

Automation Anywhere Enterprise provides access to the most advanced RPA toolset on the market, complete with cognitive bots and powerful built-in analytics. Automation Anywhere Enterprise is the ongoing actualisation of advancements in the field of business process automation.

Industry first RPA advancements from Automation Anywhere include:

  • Cognitive Automation
  • RPA Analytics
  • RPA as-a-service
  • Bot Marketplace
  • RPA on the go

RPA has become a major differentiator for leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organisations looking to retain, acquire, and grow customers and increase profitably. Enhanced value propositions and improved service level agreements (SLA) are some of the benefits derived from employing a Digital Workforce.

Other industries benefiting from Automation Anywhere’s RPA technology include:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Telecommunications

If your customers are looking for a way to reduce operate costs and increase agility with a quick return on investment, developing a digital workforce with Automation Anywhere could be a business changing solution to offer. Once a bot is shown want to do, they can interact with any system or application the same way a person does. Bots can learn, be cloned, observed, adjusted and scale to a businesses requirements. It's code-free, non-disruptive, non-invasive, and easy.

  • Dramatically reduce operating costs with zero error rates. No need to change underlying business systems or applications.
  • Scale on demand and increase business agility. No need to change any part of the existing business processes.
  • Business users build and deploy RPA bots in a matter of weeks and see ROI in a matter of days.

Other business benefits of effective RPA to communicate to your customers include:

  • Increase Business Process Speed and maximise availability: Bots execute at the fastest possible pace, with RPA designed to run non-stop 24/7.
  • Maximise Accuracy (100%): RPA can achieve error-free execution. Automation Anywhere claims 100% accuracy, every time.
  • Improve Business Process Compliance and controls: Following the rules is one of the defining traits of RPA. Once set up to follow regulations and standards, bots will never deviate from the assigned execution path.
  • Improve Auditability: Everything RPA bots do is monitored and recorded.
  • Enhance Security: RPA enables unprecedented security with separation of duties, access control and ironclad encryption and architecture.
  • Deliver Business Intelligence: RPA analytics transform the details bots report back in real time into performance and operational insights
  • Optimise Labor Investment: RPA handles repetitive business processes so staff can focus on what adds value
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation: RPA extends a company’s automation footprint and provides insights that can change the way you business is done

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