Cybereason is the world's most powerful cybersecurity analytics platform, built from the ground up to secure your enterprise. Our full-stack, behaviour-based hunting system analyzes more data, more deeply, than anyone else on the market, giving you unprecedented visibility and the power to stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving threat.

The Cybereason Deep Hunting Platform delivers endpoint detection and response (EDR), next-generation antivirus (NGAV), managed threat hunting, and threat intelligence This is all delivered in one solution and one single lightweight sensor. 

Built using Cybereason's proprietary cybersecurity data analytics architecture, the platform focuses on collecting and analyzing behavioural data and correlating disparate data points to identify malicious operations and facilitate immediate action. The Cybereason Deep Hunting Platform doesn't simply secure your data, it leverages your data to secure your business.

Cybereason automates hunting and finding threats to dramatically reduce investigation and response times. The Response Interface presents the end-to-end malicious operation, or Malop™. With it, businesses can delve deep into individual processes, discover how the adversary gained access, and remediate with precision. With less time spent on investigating and responding, top talent can focus on higher-level work.

New revenue stream: Augment your company’s existing offerings with Cybereason’s platform. Cybereason offers Next-gen Anti-virus (NGAV), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and active monitoring services (AM) in a single managed platform. If you’re looking to expand your portfolio in any of these areas, Cybereason can help. 

Attract and retain customers: Your customers are looking for a provider that can offer them the latest and greatest cyber analytics technologies. Cybereason is dedicated to working closely with our partners to bring in new business and keep customers happy. Being a Cybereason partner, you will have access to marketing funds and customer success resources. 

Save time, enable your team: You have different accounts that you have to balance, and your team has time constraints they must manage. Using Cybereason, your team will be able to spend less time monitoring and worrying about your technology, allowing you to expand operations and revenue. 

Consolidate solutions: Some cyber security companies specialise in a single area, whether it is attack prevention, detection, response, or monitoring. Using multiple products becomes expensive. Cybereason is designed to help you consolidate solutions, which saves your company overhead and increases your margins.