Paessler offers end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring software, allowing system administrators to work smarter and more proactively. They are best known for PRTG Network Monitor software, which is a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use network monitoring solution that can “monitor everything”.

Trusted every day by 200,000 admins around the globe, administrators rely on PRTG Network Monitor to monitor their LANs, WANs, servers, websites, appliances, URLs, and more.

Paessler knows that network problems create business emergencies. When the network goes down, employees can't read emails, customers can't purchase the product and work stops. Effective and easy network monitoring helps you keep a business healthy and Paessler aim to provide German quality engineering that is simple, cost effective and easy to implement. 

Servicing the industry for over 20 years and continuing to expand their global reach, Paessler is on a constant quest for innovation with most recent specialisation in the healthcare monitoring industry and strong development of solutions in the IoT space from 2017 onwards.

PRTG Network Monitor 

PRTG monitors all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure. Everything required is contained in PRTG, with no additional downloads are required.

This includes: traffic, packets, applications, bandwidth, cloud services, databases, virtual environments, uptime, ports, IPs, hardware, security, web services, disk usage, physical environments and IoT devices - monitored in one software package, with no additional downloads required.

Technologies supported include: SNMP (all versions), Flow technologies (i.e. NetFlow, jFlow, sFlow), SSH, WMI, Ping, and SQL. Powerful API (Python, EXE, DLL, PowerShell, VB, Batch Scripting, REST) to integrate everything else.


PRTG hosted by Paessler

Cloud-based monitoring with PRTG means no server installation or manual upgrades. 

Ready to use: Up and running within minutes – no need to order new hardware, or look for a machine with spare capacity. Start monitoring from your browser right away.

Automation: Paessler will take care of the day-to-day operations, including regular backups of configuration, data, and automatic installing of new PRTG software versions.

Scale and pay as you go: Get started without an initial investment – neither in license cost, nor hardware. Ability to change plan size up and down, at any time. PRTG scales as required.

Maximum network security: PRTG uses highest level end-to-end encryption available to protect data, with hosting run by the most reliable Amazon servers.

Paessler provides an easily scalable and user friendly data management solution that is simple to implement and use. PRTG gives users the power to address monitoring challenges proactively, cost effectively and from one place either on server or in the cloud. By enabling system administrators the control to monitor everything from one place, you’re making their jobs easier and their organisation more efficient. Other partner benefits include:

  • Frictionless selling process – average sales cycle of 30-45 days, simple licensing saving time and money
  • Wide scope of appeal across SMB, MSP and enterprise markets, and a range of sectors
  • Professional, local sales, marketing and technical support for quotes and opportunities
  • Inexpensive Paessler Certification for technical and sales professionals
  • Year-round brand building program to drive interest back to resellers
  • Paessler will not undercut any pricing or opportunities put through the channel

Established in 1997 and self described as the “classic 90’s startup” Paessler has progressed to a global company with a two decade legacy, over 200 employees and a forward focussed vision for continued innovation. 

Paessler’s offering perfectly complements NEXTGEN’s current vendor solutions setup in the data management space because it’s easily scalable and user friendly with technology that’s ready for any platform. Distribution agreements like this contribute to NEXTGEN’s “Distribution Reinvented” value system, which depends on strategic partnerships with leading technology partners.

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